Tuesday, March 03, 2009

WebMD: Fuelling Hypochondria since 2005

I've been having some pretty brutal headaches as of late.  Not having a great deal of confidence in Egypt's ailing healthcare system (pun intended), I consulted the next best thing: WebMD.  My friend, Mindgrapes, has already blogged about her own experiences with WebMD here.  Like me, she entered her symptoms into the androgynous, Ken Doll-like model.  However, while she came up with 20 possible diseases for what I could have told her was probably a simple case of RSI from her incessant chatting/procrastinating, I came up with only one.  On the human model I indicated the head as the location of the problem.  Under symptoms I selected "Headache (worst ever)" (seriously, that's an option).  The diagnosis?  Brain Aneurysm.  

Given that I'm still alive and not paralyzed on either side of my body, I'm starting to doubt WebMD's diagnosis skills.  On the upside, there's a great niche market for Egyptian doctors.  Slogan: "We're marginally better than an inanimate website."   


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