Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Premonition, or Wishful Thinking?

In keeping with the London theme, that is after all why I started this blog, I'd like to share a rather bizarre dream I had last night. Keep in mind, I almost never remember my dreams, so the fact that I still remember this one is significant.

The dream starts out as I'm arriving at the residence that Nesma and I are going to be staying in next year. In my dream it was dark out when I arrive, even though in reality I'm arriving 10:30 am. Hang on though, this is not the only way that this dream diverges from reality. In my dream, our residence was this medieval castle on the outside, while the inside had been converted into a really hip and modern decor, almost hotel-like. The dorms themselves were two-storey lofts, furnished with red futons and Ikea-esque decor all over the place. I remeber thinking in my dream: "this is awesome!". After I finished settling into my awesome dorm and meeting my dorm-mates and stuff, I went looking for Nesma, whom I knew was staying in the same residence. I didn't find her, but I found some girl I went to UAS (my old school in Kuwait that I went to for grades 4 - 8) with. I have NO idea what she was doing in my dream since I didn't even know her that well, barely ever spoke to her, she's not going to the same university as me or anything. Just dream-randomness. I ask randomgirl if she'd tell Nesma that I'm looking for her when she sees her. Randomgirl says "No, sorry, I can't" I don't know why she did that. AAAANYWAYS, I finally track Nesma down and ask her if she wants to see a movie with me and some people from my floor. She says sorry she can't because, get this, she promised her floor-mates that she'd watch Titanic with them. What the hell?!

I know, that's totally random and bizarre. In light of the fact that my dorm room is going to be 2.5 x 4 metres, I think my mental conception of the dorm room is really, really wishful thinking.

Also, I think Nesma has really crappy taste in movies in my dream. I mean honestly, standing me up to see Titanic?! What were you thinking Nes?!


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous nes said...

not sure how i feel about you having dreams about me before we even have our big reunion! starting to rethink our cooking/ironing arrangement :S and yes, the so-called 'medieval castle' is really going to be the size of a jail cell. but joe...near, far, wherever you are...

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Nicki said...

Residence makes people watch weird things. Recall, if you will, my infamous anecodte about the time half of my floormates announced that they DIDN'T WATCH the Simpsons.

At 12:22 AM, Blogger disk said...

Just wanted to say hi. that's all. I love your hair Nichi (I hope that's the Nichi that I am thinking of... if not, I am sorry...). I will be back again real soon. Cheers, D.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger The Bedouin Project said...

Daisuke, is that you?

If not...who's the creep commenting on people's hair?

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Balcancan said...

::Freudian thinking cap on::
Your dream premonition denotes the suprise party the Queen and I were preparing for your arrival at Her Majesty's castle. Still the Queen wishes me to pass on one message: "One is not partial to Ikea".

As for Titanic..Leo DiCaprio, a car, steam. Need i say more?

At 10:41 AM, Blogger The Bedouin Project said...

Sorry my dream let the cat out of the bag Rini.

As for my Leo-love...I thought I swore you to secrecy!


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