Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Photoshop Post the Nobody Asked For

I've been getting a lot of comments on the pictures below, and I've always felt the need to note that the photos have been enhanced through photoshop. Now, I feel that I should say at the outset that photoshop isn't, shouldn't, and I think never can compensate for good photography. Photoshop is however, a digital darkroom. And just as film photographers can tinker with their photos in the dark room, so too can the digital photographer do so in photoshop. I know the purists have their reservations about digital enhancement, and rightly so, any look at the cover of Cosmo orVogue these days is a study in Photoshopping run amok. But, the fact remains, I think, that there is an appropriate time and place for it to be used. I've included "before" and "after" pictures of two shots below to indicate the difference photoshop made with just a few simple adjustments. In both cases I was shooting in some really terrible indoor lighting conditions.


At 10:06 AM, Blogger Janice said...

I was doing some cataloguing for one of my professors as a favour, and I ended up having to reshoot tons of footage of pottery shards. I found photoshop, like you have, to be really handy in terms of clarity and readjusting brightness, especially for pottery shards which are nearly indiscernible even in technicolour.


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