Sunday, September 25, 2005


Well, it's day 4 here in London...I think. Everything has really been a haze between scrambling to get basic household necessities (I have bedding, yay!), meeting new people, meeting old people, going out, etc. One crazy thing that Nesma and I have realized is that there are a total of 5 people including ourselves at SOAS from our old highschool in Kuwait, how nuts is that?! It's a small world indeed. We don't know the other 3 well, but at least two of them went to school at the same time as us and we vaguely know them.

Yesterday was international postgraduate student orientation. The orientation itself, overall, was fairly uninteresting, but it provided the opportunity to meet lots of new people. So far I am the youngest person I know of who is a postgraduate here. Everyone is rather surprised when they learn that I am only 21. Nesma is the next youngest person, being 2 months older than me, but everyone else has at least a few years of work experience after undergrad. One guy worked for Doctors Without Borders as an architect designing field hospitals in such charming locations as Liberia, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Another guy worked as a chemical engineer and is now doing development studies, another worked as a journalist, another as a legal aid in the Gaza Strip, etc. etc. etc. You get the point. Still, I don't necessarily feel intimidated by the others. I know I can hold my own, despite my modest life experience. If anything I think it's cool that I'm so young and doing the same thing they are. A bunch of us from residence ended up going out and hitting the pubs last night and had a really good time. "I think I'm going to make it after alllllll..."

Oh, also, I'm sick of people thinking I'm American. I think I'm going to start really exagerrating my OOTs and ABOOTs.



At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Agata said...

Well, as they say: 'a Canadian is a person who has to explain to the Americans that he/she is not British and to explain to the British that he/she is not American...'

I had to explain I was not Russian... And that Poland is in fact part of Europe and not someplace far far in the Russian, Asian east... At least they got the continent right in your case!

Congrats on the linens! :)

At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Agata said...

As for people with more experience than yours... I don't think you should worry one bit! Everyone has something to offer regardless of their life's story. Sometimes a fresher point of view, not tainted with years and years of experience, can give you an edge.

Keep up the good spirit! And post some pictures from your neighbourhood!

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous kaelyn bo-baelyn said...

i want to leave a comment but i don't know what to say, hi, love you and hope you are well

At 7:13 PM, Blogger deena said...

ASK representing in the hizzhouse.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Symbioses aux Fruits said...

Why are you calling them "charming" places?!
What does this mean, exactly?!
I don't like your tone.



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