Saturday, October 01, 2005

Some Pics!

As promised, here are some pics. I've refrained from taking pictures of my room as it didn't take long for it to get into a really messy state. Currently I have laundry that needs putting away all over the place. Once my room is clean (stop laughing!) I'll post some pics of it so that you can see my humble abode. These pics are from the Fresher's Fayre, when all the campus clubs and societies set up booths to try to recruit new people.

As soon as I stepped onto the courtyard which is kind of the central point of the campus, I was met by these two posters, courtesy of the campus Socialist Society (top) and the Anti-Racism Organization (bottom):

So, clearly things were looking up. In fact, the most right-wing and/or conservative group to be found was the Labour Party Youth Against the War. Not an Israeli public affairs committee to be seen.

I think this one was from another campus socialist organization:

The main entrance to the campus:

Me next to a statue on campus. I read that plaque at the bottom, but I don't remember what it says

The courtyard which divides the two main campus buildings during a typical London deluge:

Note: I actually started this post at the beginning of this past week, but uploading pictures with my rather slow internet connection is a tedious process. In the future I'll have to reduce the picture file size. In the meantime, many more picture have been taken which I will try to post asap.


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